Seventies Soul

Bohemian Clothing for Day Dreamers

& Peace Preachers

Each post day from Seventies Soul brings me so much JOY.  I have been a customer for years now & never been disappointed. I especially look forward to the 'Vintage' & 'Conscious Collection' which Natalie has curated - they're always so beautiful. She has such a fabulous style, & always provides excellent customer service.

Maia Stien
Norway ♡

I felt the loving energy, as soon as I received my dress. I didn’t know Natalie before, but her energy gives off a vibe you can trust. I really like how she uses recycled materials and creates the most unique clothing. I love to support slow fashion and small business, way more than brands who don’t think and produce mass. I loved to know, my purchase made her happy (and who knows, payed for her food). I hope and wish you will experience the same, when shopping at Seventies Soul.

Monika Pilipovic
The Netherlands ♡

Seventies Soul is easily a favourite brand of mine! The products are perfect for the Las Vegas heat! The sari silk is soft and light so I can layer it or just wear it on its own. Plus the sleeves are fun, patterns are gorgeous and the colours are vibrant. The lounge robe is really my favourite so far! As someone who has chronic pain it's nice to wear something soft that still makes me feel good, even on days where it's hard to feel good. Most importantly though is Nat herself! Nat is a fantastic business owner that makes it very clear, she's truly passionate about Seventies Soul, her products and her customers. From order one I have felt nothing but loved by Nat and continue to come back as much as I can, thanks to her care!

Jenna Smith
Las Vegas, U.S. ♡