Clothes With Memories

★ All of our garments are individually handpicked and sourced from various destinations in and around the UK. Each item is unique and has travelled through life with another soul, experiencing magical memories, with it's very own story to tell. These vintage treasures are awaiting another adventure, a new beginning - to create magical memories with you! ★

If one million people bought their next item of clothing secondhand, we would save 6 million KG of carbon pollution from entering the universe. Help save our planet - buy vintage ♺

About Us

Natalie Leahy

Owner/Vintage Hunter

'Seventies Soul Vintage' blossomed through my passion for free-spirited, creative and individual expression. My aim is to sell beautiful vintage gems to day dreamers and peace preachers, whilst providing my customers with a personal and professional buying experience. I wish to help make a difference to our environment by giving unwanted clothing a second chance. Peace & Love ♡